The 3D market

According to Tekrati, spending on 3D visualisation, simulation and training will increase by 50% over the next five years

A $2,995 report, called “Opportunities in Visualization, Simulation, & Training 2006-2011”, by the Acacia Research group (you can request a summary here or find a preview here), says that total world spending on hardware, software and services for 3D visualization, simulation, and training will reach $22.1 billion in 2006 and grow to $31.5 billion by 2011. Half of this will be in the US, but the Asian and European shares are rapidly expanding.

Drivers are likely to be:
– the continued declines in the price of the hardware components making up VS&T systems.
– better T&M availability (“Tools & Middleware (T&M) – Tools are programmer and artists tools for creating interactive graphical applications. Middleware is any software layer that provides additional functionality to an application”.)
– more demand for collaborative 3D design
– defence and governmental spending will be augmented by commercial users, such as oil and gas or pharmaceutical companies.

According to Christine Arrington of Acacia: “We see expanding opportunities for off-the-shelf product providers within this market, especially tool and middleware vendors. Organizations and service providers cant build everything themselves. They are in the market for technologies ranging from specialty solutions all the way down to immersive game engines and their concomitant toolsets.”

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