Talk and BBCTV appearance about simulations in business continuity.

Ive just given a talk to the Continuity Forum on how to organise exercises/ simulations to train people to use Business Continuity Plans. Such is the interest in this subject at the moment that the BBC turned up and filmed the session, which was the lead item on the London BBC News tonight.

In the wake of 7/7, more people are thinking about the business continuity issues raised by terrorist incidents or other disruptions to their way of life and business. Whilst many companies have continuity plans, relatively few have exercised them, largely I think because they dont quite know how to start and are afraid that exercises are too complex and too expensive for them.

Of course exercises can be complex, but I spent some time trying to get over the message that you need to define your objectives carefully at the beginning, and then build on that, to make sure the simulation delivers what you want. Seemed to go down quite well, both in the actual talk and in the TV report afterwards.

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