Supercollider Workshop

Musichackspace held a workshop on Supercollider last week, led by Shelly Knotts, to ‘Learn the basics of setting up a live coding session and making soundscapes and beats with sound synthesis and patterns in SuperCollider’.

A good evening, though I won’t go to the other three in the series for cost reasons. I’ve got the book on order, though. I’m still trying to get my head around live coding as an art form.

Musichackspace describes itself as “a place to share thoughts, knowledge, technologies, processes and aesthetics on music and audio. We welcome artists, engineers, students, and lawyers too!….For an engineer, working on music applications is very rewarding. The Music Hackspace aims at creating opportunities for passionate people who want to make an impact in music with their particular set of skills. We value highly these skills and provide a space and context where people can thrive, get inspired, share and promote their work.”

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