Government sponsored innovation

Really good article in Mute magazine about the governments attempts to sponsor innovation – is this just spin?

The results:
“Down on the exhibition floor, the first green shoots of NESTA’s seed-money could be seen: Red Button design’s ‘water transport, sanitation and storage device for the developing world’ (that is, a trolley, with a big bottle of water on it); Latitude 56 Degrees have a bag to put a suit in that you can carry on your bicycle; the Young Foundation (that’s Geoff Mulgan’s new gaff) have some courses in ‘emotional resilience’ for old people; while Distance Lab has some ideas for remote teaching in Scotland. Innovation is too grand a word for these boffinish efforts.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the article is a quote from the Nazis about jazz:
‘As to the tempo, too, preference is to be given to brisk compositions as opposed to slow ones (so-called blues); however, the pace must not exceed a certain degree of allegro commensurate with the Aryan sense for discipline and moderation. On no account will negroid excesses in tempo (so-called hot jazz) be permitted, or in solo performances (so-called breaks).’ Baldur von Blodheim, Reichsmusicfuhrer und Oberscharfuhrer SS, ‘Dance Band Rules And Regulations During The 3rd Reich’. (See this site, which also contains such gems as “All light orchestras and dance bands are advised to restrict the use of saxophones of all keys and to substitute for them violon-celli, violas, or possibly a suitable folk instrument.”)

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