magritte_clouds1_croppedThis photograph was taken on Monday, whilst I was waiting for a taxi after coming out of the Gare du Midi in Brussels.
The clouds could have been painted by Magritte – see The_Empire_of_Light_MOMAThe Empire of Light or magritte_unveiling_mysteryUnveiling the Mystery.
This is an interesting case where the referent (the Magritte painting) is being simulated by the real world. But the referent is itself a simulation of an imaginary (surreal) world, and therefore a simulacrum, and the simulation (ie what I photographed) is a real view that is ‘accidental’, ie not consciously simulating anything. My photograph was a deliberate act of two dimensional simulation, though it was a simulation of the accidental simulation of a simulacrum of a referent which was only ever real in a psychological sense. Or did I get that wrong somewhere?

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