Another simulation of everything

Interesting blog by Gobion Rowlands about the FuturICT proposal for “a techno-socio-economic-ecological knowledge accelerator Global-Scale Simulation of Socio-Economic-Environmental Systems?”

Yes, well, Rowlands calls the original proposal a hilarious read. Actually there is no prose in it, just a series of diagrams and bullet points, consisting largely of buzz words.

But the model of everything remains a seductive prospect. (See this post, or this or

Rowlands has tried this himself – see his Fate of the World game, which also tries to model “rising temperatures, heaving populations, dwindling resources, crumbling ecosystems and brave opportunities.”

Its mildly amusing that an academic group (led by Prof Dirk Helbing of ETH Zurich) is asking for one billion euros n funding right now, their simulations presumably having failed to register the mood of expenditure cuts in many places around the world. Its also easy to see the problems, eg who keeps all the data up to date?

Still, its a seductive dream.

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