3D moving clip-art? Off-the-peg military models.

RealDB, a Canadian company, provides a library of 3d models of military hardware, in .flt and .3ds formats. Licenses allow unlimited incorporation in derivative work, subject to small conditions.

RealDB claims their products are used by “defence agencies around the world”. Typical costs:
– Black Eagle tank, or Los Angeles class submarine or AV8B Harrier aircraft, each $495 or $295 depending on format
– apartment building $50, church $35, road sign (eg school crossing ahead) $10
– Tikrit v6 for $7995 (“Geo-specific 3D Real-Time Visual Terrain Database. High density real-time visual database with amazing relief build for low flight, UAV, helicopter and ground training simulation. It offer a very large variety of 3D elements.”) Tikrit is the only named location they offer.

According to Real DBs main site their customers include Saab and Thales. Their site and press releases are unusually uninformative about the company. According to searches on Google its President is Stephane Cossette, who was chosen in 2003 as one of 12 young entrepreneurs to take part in a young exporters programme run by the city of Montreal. He is also listed in Canadian M&S directories. I can find no information about the capital structure or ownership of the company: presumably it is a small private one. Good luck to them!

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