Whale watching

We spent an afternoon watching whales off the Canary Island of La Palma last week, during a family holiday.

We saw two schools of pilot whales (or one school twice: both sets appear from my photos to have been globicephala melas, the long-finned pilot whale). We also saw a group of dolphins, and two huge sea turtles.


Rather like the subconscious. The largest part of the earth’s surface is covered by the seas, but we know only the smaller land surface fraction well, and are largely ignorant about these huge ‘sub-surface’ creatures. (Pilot whales are about 6 metres long.)

After coming up and briefly racing alongside our boat (friendship? curiosity? or just that we happened to be there?) the whales dived again and disappeared into the subconscious depths of my world.


Our guide informed us that they had gone down to feed on squid, so on our return to Tazacorte I felt constrained to do the same at an excellent harbour side restaurant. This seemed to create some sort of psychological harmony, or maybe I just like squid.

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