Decision making

Two pieces from Wired: a short one on the neuroscience of decisions (jusst a paragrpah, really, Kahneman has said it better) and a longer one on why sexual attraction influences decisions.

The second paper says:
“The ability to identify and manage emotions and make better decisions is referred to as emotional intelligence….
Developing emotional intelligence is a discipline in itself, and like regular intelligence, it can grow over time. You can learn to develop emotional intelligence by writing down your feelings or just talking through them with others. As explains, building up your emotional intelligence is based on practicing several basic skills:
– Identifying and reducing stress in the moment: As weve discussed before, identifying stressors and developing breathing habits, postponing rash action, and muscle relaxation can help cool your head.
– Recognize overwhelming emotions and keep them at bay: Emotional self-control isnt just effective in rage management. While anger and romance may be very different, the same strategies apply: be aware of your own emotions and calm the f*** down.
– Learn the basics of nonverbal communication: Everyone around you is constantly communicating, even if theyre saying nothing at all. Learn to read these cues to assess your situation better.
– Utilize humor to make connections and solve problems: You dont necessarily need to be Louie CK levels of funny (and in fact that might not help all relationships), but knowing when to use humor to resolve conflicts can be very beneficial.
– Resolve conflicts positively: Theres a huge difference between fighting and actually solving problems and we could fill a whole article explaining how to avoid doing the former and do the latter instead. So we did.

Some interesting links, eg romantic attraction makes us take on negative characteristics of our partners, and about the endowment effect.

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