Art that makes itself, again.

I tried my hand at generative art, writing a short Python programme using the Python Imaging Library (PIL). After a couple of hours work it can produce some quite interesting images.

The size, positioning, transparency, and colour of the blocks are set at random by the system, subject to constraints by the user, as is the background colour.

The user can control
– the basic palette of colours (a random choice by the system from colour sets I defined such as ‘blues’ or ‘yellows’)
– the number of colours, and whether the same colour can be chosen more than once in one image
– whether there should be more or fewer boxes (strictly, the limits within which the system makes a random choice.)

Some more results:



I recently stayed in a Marriott hotel which had large amounts of ‘art works’ on its walls. The best selections made by my programme are easily as good!


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