New edition of the Code Igniter book

A new edition of my CodeIgniter book is now out. I had nothing to do with it, as Ive been too busy! Looks good.

Packt asked me some months ago if I would update the book, which has sold steadily ever since it appeared. I had to decline as I have been far too busy. Writing a book on code is like writing a recipe book: not very many words on the page, perhaps, but you have to develop and test out each recipe, and that takes a lot of time.

So they asked Jose Arguide Blanco to take it on, and he has extensively updated it and added quite a few new sections.

Ive only had time to have a quick look through it but it seems OK. There was quite a lot to do to reflect changes in CI itself. Hes also added some new material, eg about external packages you can use and how to use them.

The book was fairly well received, but there were some criticisms – eg about my cavalier treatment of MVC conventions. (I see them as a guide but not a rule) and some omissions (eg hooks, which actually came out just as the first book was in proof.) It will be interesting to read it more carefully and see how he has handled these issues.

So far I only have two small criticisms:
1. his English is clear, but obviously not written by a native speaker. I dont suppose that matters: you know what he means.
2. Packt have rather naughtily given the book a completely new title. (Codeigniter 1.7, as opposed to Rapid Application Development with Codeigniter). I saw the two editions side by side on a shelf in Foyles yesterday, and you could have thought they were two separate books and bought them both. Especially once Codeigniter 1.8 comes out and the new one looks dated!

Also hes taken out my jokes, and put in his own. (Which are noit as good, of course.)

It certainly looks a lot better than the Wrox book.

As of today, the Amazon sales rankings are
new edition: 205,338
old edition: 90,038
wrox book: 102,215
(The smaller the number, the more you are selling.)

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