Network your car

A beautifully simple idea on Turbulence – network your car.

Reporting work done at UCLA, Networked Performance says:
“Turning a car into a wireless network node might be easy to do, but what would be the benefits? According to the researchers, they are broad. Here are some of them. Day-to-day driving could be safer and more convenient; Drivers would have access to information about dangers within or near their mobile network, such as the presence of smoke from a forest fire; More importantly, the technology could also provide life-saving communications between emergency personnel.”

It might also make car theft more difficult. It would enable you to be more aware of traffic jams. Of course the Police would love it, but more sensibly it would allow the authorities to better understand traffic movements, and for vehicles to respond semi-automatically to signals, eg to slow down if there is a queue ahead.

As the researchers poijnt out in a paper:
“Vehicles typically have no strict constraints on processing power and storage capabilities. They can sense events (e.g., imaging from streets), process sensed data (e.g., recognizing license plates), and route messages to other vehicles (e.g., diffusing relevant notification to drivers or police agents). ”

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