My book on CodeIgniter: out at last

One reason for the gaps in this blog recently: Ive been finalising the proofs of my book on CodeIgniter. Its a good feeling to have finished my part of it – now over to my publisher, Packt, who say it will hit the bookstalls next month. Watch out J K Rowling.

The book is about the PHP development framework CodeIgniter, written by Rick Ellis. As I said in the introduction, this is an example of the open source software movement at its finest. Excellent and very useful code, given away free by Rick, which allows many people to build smart websites without tears. (Well, with fewer tears.)

Rick and Derek Allard also acted as technical reviewers. I cant think of anyone whose coding I admire as much as Rick: so I was highly nervous about what he might say when he saw the first drafts! Luckily I seem to have got most of it right first time.

Anyway, if you do PHP and dont yet know about CodeIgniter, its worth finding out more. Its a real help, and seems to be much easier to use than the other PHP frameworks. Buy the book and find out more!

This entry has nothing to do with simulation, its more an apology for the low number of entries this month. What with the book, the day job, a major project Im working on, and my BTEC course, its been a busy time.

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