It is just an exercise

A report in the Northern Echo is a good example of pre-publicity for an emergency response exercise in the UK

This sort of thing is quite rare: usually it is assumed that the exercise will not be noticed. Im surprised the paper gave it so much coverage.

The report gives the time and date, and adds; “Anyone driving through the area may notice fire tenders or police vehicles heading to the factory, or they may notice an increased presence on the A19 trunk road.”

The statement by the local authority is typical: “The aim of the exercise is to test the arrangements put in place both by the company and the organisations who would be called into action if the fire were for real…. Local residents can be reassured that in the unlikely event of a genuine emergency the plans being tested on Sunday should enable any incident to be dealt with swiftly and professionally.”

Hexion, formerly Borden, are US based and specialise in binding, bonding and coating chemicals, owned by Apolllo Management. They failed to merge with Hunstman last year (and had to pay a $325 million termination fee to Hunstman last month.) The case is still grumbling on and is far more interesting than a mere chemical emergency.

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