Here comes Cyber Storm 2.

According to a US DHS official , Cyber Storm 2 is due to take place next month.

(Not to be confused with Cyberstorm 2, “The first tactical sim with intense turn-based and real-time combat. Cyberstorm 2 is the ultimate game of mass destruction and total control – for gamers who love deeply-layered strategic warfare.” )

Cyber Storm 2 is the successor to Cyber Storm 1. It will be interesting to see what leaks out.

A recent AP report based on heavily censored documents about CS 1, only just recently obtained under the Freedom of Information act, says:
“… the governments files hint at a tantalizing mystery: In the middle of the war game, someone quietly attacked the very computers used to conduct the exercise. Perplexed organizers traced the incident to overzealous players and sent everyone an urgent e-mail marked “IMPORTANT!” reminding them not to probe or attack the game computers. “Any time you get a group of (information technology) experts together, theres always a desire, Lets show them what we can do,” said George Foresman, a former senior Homeland Security official who oversaw Cyber Storm. “Whether its intent was embarrassment or a prank, we had to temper the enthusiasm of the players.””

Otherwise, the reports are predictable: “Companies and governments worked successfully in some cases. But key players didnt understand the role of the premier U.S. organization responsible for fending off major cyber attacks, called the National Cyber Response Coordination Group, and it didnt have enough technical experts. Also, the sheer number of mock attacks complicated defensive efforts.”

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