Cyber Shock Wave

Kings of War has a good piece on the recent US “Cyber Shock Wave” stunt.

This exercise was out together by a lobbying group and shown on CNN. It starred people now retired from senior US government positions who found -surprise – that a cyber attack could cause damage to the US.

Ubiwar says “the exercise participants concluded that the US is ill-equipped to deal with a major suite of cyber attacks (and a couple of bombings for good measure)….lobbyists can capitalise by prodding jittery politicians into thinking a bit more seriously about federal budgets.”

As Kings of War says: “Baudrillard would be cackling at the layers of simulation. Wargaming disturbed him enough. A virtual war being simulated is grist enough to his particular mill. Running one ‘live’ on television adds a whole new complexity. The fact that it will undoubtedly be edited for public consumption (citing ‘national security concerns’ for added frisson, I bet) makes the boundaries between simulation and dissimulation all the more difficult to discern. Semioticians, run riot!”

Reminds me of an earlier (non-cyber) exercise involving Iran: as I said about that one, you just have to ask why the simulation is being done if you want to assess its real value.

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