Unfortunate Signs 3: totally wasted data?

Four copies of a free newspaper on the floor of a District Line train in London. The paper has 52 pages, with type faces as small as 6pt. Some of the pages are totally taken up with adverts – eg for half price shelving bays.








Others provide an idiosyncratic mixture of news ‘in brief’, or social gossip. The latter page has about 600 words on it and seven photographs.








At Temple station, like many others, is a stand full of copies of the paper for travellers to take.








Just outside the station is a bank of bins for disposal of waste paper. The average ‘life’ of a free paper is presumably only a few minutes; but like fish they hatch out in their millions before they are swallowed by these grim predators..







Three questions:
– how much information is produced to be simply ignored? Does this make the world a better or a poorer place? (I don’t know, I’m asking.)
– why are our trains so untidy?
– how many trees are cut down each day for this? (recycling the paper does not bring the tree back.)

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