Gunman in hospital, again….

Great story in the Las Vegas Sun – a hospital used an armed man to simulate a terrorist attack, but forgot to tell staff this was an exercise.

According to the report, “Andy North, director of public policy and external affairs for the hospital, apologized for any distress caused by the incident. There’s been an “ongoing effort to try and make (emergency preparedness drills) as realistic as possible,” he said, but the goal is not to scare or harm anyone….He said as many as 10 employees were involved in the incident and no one was hurt. The actor was from a local police department, North said…..The staff was supposed to have been told in advance of the exercise, but there was a “disconnect,” North said. That won’t happen again, he said.”

As local police shot and killed an armed man in the same hospital last year you can understand the staffs concern.

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