For sheer cheek its hard not to like a new Australian app, which automatically sends texts to your girlfriend.

You fill in loving messages (or amend the ones it suggests) then it fires them off when you are not thinking about here.

The app is surprisingly complex:
“Understandably, a girl who discovers their guy using BroApp wont be happy. But BroApp is smart, taking all possible steps to safeguard the BroApp secret. BroApps unique detectors integrate advanced Android technologies that ensure your girlfriend never becomes suspicious of your relationship wingman. Safeguards include:
– BroApp wont message when you are at your girlfriends place.
– BroApp wont message if you have recently communicated with your girlfriend.
– BroApp detects inquisitive girlfriends and prevents them uncovering the Bro App secret.”

According to the designers, who are only identified as Tom and James,
“….its awkward having to tell your partner you have been trialing BroApp on her for the past 3 months. When James and I first pitched her the idea, she said “any girl will work it out”. She was wrong.”

Their advice for building apps includes:
– Build something that is Press Fit. Being successful is a lot easier if it is awesome to read about. Test this out by telling your friends about your idea: If they absolutely hate it you win, if they love it you win. We had both.
– Make a video and get a professional to do the voiceover ( Even if it is crap, put it on your website. No one likes to read what your product is about.
– Analytics = Data = Value. Get every piece of data you can (,
– Fork out for user testing (

Cant help thinking there should be other, more serious, uses for this!

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