The London Psychogeophysics Summit

Furtherfield gallery are hosting the London Psychogeophysics Summit in August.

Psychogeophysics “Psychogeophysics extends […psychogeographic…> research to embrace geophysics, defined as the quantitative observation of the earths physical properties, and its interaction with local spectral ecologies. Geophysics equally encompasses archaeological geophysics, with measurement of such properties allowing for the mapping of previous traces through techniques of particle/wave detection and data forensics….This extension of psychogeography into geophysics implies a collision between interpretation (fiction) and measurement, with Psychogeophysics proposed as a novel discipline that bridges any such distinction through the medium of code, and offers a speculative take on the future of code as an uncovering of its locative (diagnostic) potentials leading to a new phase of software studies.”

“techniques include:
1. navigation by way of wide band signal intensities (for example, using simple detection devices to navigate towards parts of the city with lower measured signal strength)
2. identification and exercise of sites of execution and memory (for example, measurement of impedance, and chemical properties of local substrates)
3. rendering executable of city walks and locations”

All right, sounds goofy now, but in line with a lot of modern art practice, eg Stanza and Usman Haques Sky Ear. Who knows where it might lead?

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