Sound maps

Classiloghas a posting about disappearing sounds, and the idea of a sound map Here is a perfect project for internet mashups – Google maps linked to sound maps, etc. To judge from Marks hyperlinks, this is largely unexplored territory.

Its also a comment on simulation techniques: to what extent do we gloss over sound clues? Back to the binding problem.

Are we over-simplifying the richness of life (not its complexity – see earlier posts – complexity is a different thing)?

If we miss sounds out of our simulations and other representations of life (eg TV programmes) do we train ourselves not to notice them any more? Is it significant that we have good screens, but often poor speakers?

The availability of better sound reproduction and storage techniques (eg MP3) is a challenge we should take up.

Classilog is one of the most interesting and original – if quirky – blogs I know, and well worth watching. I take considerable pride in having pestered Mark until he agreed to write it.

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