Passively Multiplayer Games

OReilly Radar has a piece about passively multiplayer games: an idea for using the data trails we create to make video games. (I thought thats what the Police already do…) Why not combine it with GPS devices as well?

The idea is ascribed to Justin Hall (see this interview) “Mobile devices, are always on, always on the network: they could be a platform for ongoing, light-touch, unavoidable casual games, constantly playing with each other. Mobile games would have to get militant to reach that goal – they have to take over the buddy list. Mobile games have to become the way that we interact. It’s about knowing little nuances of where people are, what they’re doing — performance through the use of away messages.” (Note: in another context this would be called spam, or a virus.)

Adding in GPS devices would allow games to track movements as well as on-line activity or network presence. Im not sure what youd get from it though.

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