A virtual Skinner box?

Thanks to OReilly Radar for spotting this paper about MMOGs. It has a useful analysis of what these games need to succeed commercially. “Alone Together?” Exploring the Social Dynamics of Massively Multiplayer Online Games – by Nicolas Ducheneaut, Eric Nickell and Robert J. Moore of Palo Alto Research Center and Nicholas Yee of the Virtual…

The role of art in society: a digression

Sitting in a clients office the other day, I noticed a print by Basil Beattie The office has no external windows and is quite small; its owner is usually away, and uses it only as a base when hes not travelling. Someone else was borrowing it to talk to me about a very mundane subject.…

Outnumbered, ten to one.

The game Americas Army currently claims 7,045,279 total registered players. The US Army currently has over 700,000 enlisted soldiers.

The use of simulation by economists.

Interesting article in JASSS about the use of simulation in economics concludes that it is increasing, but the techniques are still not properly understood or used for what they are best at. “Simulation in Economics” by Magda Fontana of the University of Turin concludes that “Literature on the topic agrees that simulation is a very…

Teleconferences for the people

Just a comment on the democratisation of software. Clickable Culture reports that the MMORPG Eve Online is now giving members real-time voice conferencing facilities. As I know from recent discussions in my day job, some of the worlds largest companies still find quick and available conferencing a challenge.