Whale watching

We spent an afternoon watching whales off the Canary Island of La Palma last week, during a family holiday. We saw two schools of pilot whales (or one school twice: both sets appear from my photos to have been globicephala melas, the long-finned pilot whale). We also saw a group of dolphins, and two huge…

Thoughts on the unconscious

The Freud Museum held an exhibition last week to mark the 100th anniversary of the publication of Freud’s paper on “The Unconscious”. Several new media art works were included, for eample: – Theophany by Disinformation – Installation in Freud’s study and consulting room by stage designers from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama…


Colour theories and the generator

I’ve extended the generative art programme so that it can, if you wish, choose colours using different colour theories. (The basic version just picks colours at random from a palette you choose – eg blues, yellows.) The new versions start with your chosen palette, but then choose colours in pairs: the first one is a choice from the…


More work on generative art

I’ve now improved the system so that it can add images (again selected at random from a prepared subset, and sized and positioned at random.) An interesting conceptual point. It is difficult not to see ‘significance’ in some of the happier random selections. What did the artist ‘mean’ by these juxtapositions? What is he trying…


Purple Mash

A client very kindly took me to dinner on a floating restaurant in Budapest. The main course was duck with purple mashed potato. Why is it that purple or blue food is very unusual, and that food which is the ‘wrong’ colour tastes odd?


Art that makes itself, again.

I tried my hand at generative art, writing a short Python programme using the Python Imaging Library (PIL). After a couple of hours work it can produce some quite interesting images. The size, positioning, transparency, and colour of the blocks are set at random by the system, subject to constraints by the user, as is…